(The Satirical Video Version) The Meaning of Life, in a dozen easy doses. Doses 1-3

What if this is “As Good As It Gets”? Nicholson won an Oscar for this role. But what if….

(When I was writing the serious post series, “The Meaning of Life, in twelve easy doses,” I thought: ‘Who am I to try to tell others?’ It seemed a little brazen. Well, it wasn’t the first time. So then, later, it occurred to me to have some fun with it and this is that product. Delivered in servings of three.)

Dose 1: “Do Do Do Do”

Yes, let’s try a little imagination. Sometimes ya just gotta feel that things could be better than this. So these days, if you want to try to understand some meaning that is real, you just have to get into a new Zone“. Music by the great Bernard Herrmann, who did numerous scores for Alfred Hitchcock.

Dose 2: Life is a “Flying Circus”

Upon telling a friend I was writing a blog series called “The Meaning of Life, in a dozen easy doses.” He responded, “Everything I know about that came from Monty Python.” Thanks, Steve!

“Is mankind evolving or is it too late?”

Dose 3: The Stooges, “moydering the King’s English

I try to write a few good sentences and turn a telling phrase, but my use of ‘scare quotes’ is out of control! And that is not to mention all the Bolding and Italicization. I had the idea that, In A Blog, that would help the reader. God knows, blog readers really Don’t Want To Read Much! Do they? I guess we need all the HELP we can get!

The Three Stooges: Above is “Moe” (Moses Horwitz) Howard and “Curly” (Jerome Horwitz) Howard. Later you will see “Larry” (Larry Fineberg) Fine. Three nice Jewish guys who started to do “slapstick” comedy on the Vaudeville circuit in 1922. They made 190 “shorts” (short films) for Columbia.

Looney Tunes famous sign-off.

Please give the serious stuff a try. See, for example, “The Meaning of Life, in ten easy doses.” The real version. It’s on “The Menu”.

See ya soon with The Second Serving of Three!

Thanks for the Logo, Marty!

The Meaning of Life, in a dozen easy doses. (Video Version with Satirical Emphasis) Doses 4-6

(Second serving of three Doses. Hint, there is some significance to their order, but What the Hell! Life is plenty mixed up anyway. So, go for it!)

A detail from the painting The Rebellious Angels, by Pieter Brueghel the Younger. The European’s of the 16th and 17th centuries took this “Hell” talk real seriously! BONUS CLUE: The Meaning of Life has NOTHING to do with ‘Heaven’ or ‘Hell’!

Dose 4: Romance, very meaningful—-

“You Fascinate Me”

From the Cohen brothers, the greatest movie makers of our times; Intolerable Cruelty with George Clooney, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Dose 5: Add a little Dancing

Travolta kills it! Ya gotta love that move when he is up on his Toes! With Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction. Now there is a movie that Will Not Help Life Seem Meaningful, but what a frolic.

Dose 6: Brotherly Love, and Not Selling out for “The Short End Money

Getting a little serious: “I coulda been somebody”

HERE AT THE HALFWAY POINT IN OUR 12-DOSE REGIMEN, I thought a serious note should be struck.

Great Acting! Rod Steiger and Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront, directed by the great Elia Kazan. 1954, a good year; my wife was born.

The Looney Tunes sign off.

THANKS FOR VIEWING! Hope you enjoyed them. I’m having a great time putting this together! LOVE MY METAPHYSICS, but this sure does Rock!


(The Satirical Video Version) The Meaning of Life, in twelve easy doses: Doses 7-9

Fractal Art: It’s Like Life: the same thing happening, over and over again, with some variation. (thanks to Electricsheep)

Dose 7: “The Double-Eye Poke” —Taking Care of Those Gods and Goddesses

“The Slapping Goddess“: Moe and Larry of The Stooges. (Sorry for the mask in the background. At least, these were “the old days.”)

Dose 8: Sometimes it is ‘the little differences’ that add meaning to Life. “God is in the detail”

Life is just about “Chew’n the Fat”, occasionally. After the super serious dialogue of Dose 6, Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson just share some experiences. Pulp Fiction by Quinton T. “Le Big Mac” “G is in the D” was said by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, among others.

Dose 9: “Damn,we’re in a tight spot.”

Life can sure be full of “Tight Spots”, and nothing like them to supply an instantaneous dose of meaning. Here, the Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? crew is definitely jammed up. Cohen brothers as writers and directors. Actors George Clooney and John Turturro.

Well, we’ve finished off another serving of three. Let’s see, so far we have as The Meaning of Life:

Getting yourself into some altered “Zone”, a Flying Circus, and “moydering the King’s English;

Romance, Dancing and Sticking Up for Your Brother;

now we have added “The Slapping Goddess”, “Le Big Mac, and “tight spots”.

Damn, we’ve just about covered it all! But what’s left for “The Final Three Doses?” Stay tune: Same time, Same place, SAME BAT CHANNEL!

See ya soon, for The Final 3 Doses!

(The Satirical Video Version) The Meaning of Life, in a dozen easy doses: The Grand Finale, Doses 10-12

and Karl Malden, as The Priest. On The Waterfront

Dose 10: Well, as hard as you try, still It May All Come to “NOTHING. I guess we may just have to face ‘the facts’.

You know what The Scientist’s say, The Universe has No Meaning; Meaning, that’s all just subjectivist drivel and emotionalism.

The Fugs

BUT, IT HELPS TO SING ABOUT IT: The infamous Fugs. 1964 New York City band composed of poets Ed Sanders and Tuli Kupferberg, with Ken Weaver on drums.

And still, WE KEEP TRYING!!!

Dose 11: Sometimes, Life is Just Not What It Seems, and then we complain about it.

Monty Python at it again. Michael Palin and John Cleese. I’ve got no issue with cross dressing, but you must admit, its life not being what it seems! Python crew loved it.

And THE FINALE, Dose 12: Rising to an occasion; COURAGE really helps Make Life Meaningful!

The ex-boxer and now dockworker, Terry (Marlon Brando), is badly beaten up by the Mobster Union Thugs, but with the help of Karl Malden, as the Priest, rises from “the canvas” and leads the longshoremen back to work and to the reform their union so badly needed, in On The Waterfront (1954). Greatest American Movie of All Time! Elia Kazan director. Lee J. Cobb as the mob boss; Eva Marie Saint as the conscious-driven, shy, young lady that gets to Marlon’s ‘soft spot’. Music by, YES, Leonard Bernstein!

“You’re a cheap, lousy, dirty-stink’n, mug.”

TWO PARTER! “LET’S GO TO WORK!” (I can’t watch it without tearing up)