Our Sacred World: The Wonders in The Tree of Life!

(Marc Chagall, The Tree of Life, 1948)

It’s not The Christmas Tree; it’s The Tree of Life! Still celebrating Xmas here in The O-H-I-O, with the revision and republication as a group of this set of posts. I’ve shortened them and sweetened them for your Festival of Lights celebration. Some really good ideas here about that Mother Nature that surrounds us. I hope you enjoy them and may they enhance your Wonderment on these cold, cold and dark days here in the central latitudes of The Northern Hemisphere. Happy Solstice! I feel The Light coming on with the help of The Nature Religion Connection!

See Menu, naturereligionconnection.org, and click “Our Sacred World.”

(Another Tree of Life by Chagall. The Tree is full, see Wonder 5 in this series, Our Sacred World!)

2 thoughts on “Our Sacred World: The Wonders in The Tree of Life!

  1. I am used to reading a detailed and well spelled out article about the subject. Am I missing something this time or were we just to appreciate the illustrations? Please excuse me if I have misunderstood this blog. I am certainly on board with the Tree of Life as you have described it in previous writings. Wishing you all the best for 2023.


    1. Sorry John, i was afraid there might be confusion like this. On the blog Menu, just click on “Our Sacred World” and you will get the whole thing. It is “spelled out” and “detailed.” I think this is what you are referring to. Thanks!


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