Election Day Mid-Day Report: Feeling Hopeful in The O-H-I-O!


I wasn’t going to be writing this; I was going to be back out at a polling site handing out Democratic Party candidate slates. But I’m too exhausted! I went out this morning at 6:30, and given a traditionally conservative and working class assignment at The Faith Community Church polling site in Grove City, Ohio. Grove City is a close-in and old ‘suburbs’ of Columbus. It is jokingly and derisively known, in some quarters, as ‘Grovetucky’ for its Appalachian flavor, but these days has a growing black and especially Somalian community. I was Not optimistic about this placement considering its traditional tendencies.

I soon changed my mind. First, turnout was heavy and that generated a lot of energy. This especially on top of the massive early voting turnout here in Ohio. 3.4 million have already voted by Monday, that is 60% of the number of Ohioans that voted in 2016! Election officials are predicting a record percentage of Ohioans voting, maybe as high as 80% of registered voters. LARGE TURNOUTS ARE ALWAYS GOOD FOR OHIO DEMS!

Back at my Grove City assignment I was soon very pleased by the reception I got; AMERICANS OF COLOR WERE TURNING OUT! I just identified the information I offered them and said, “Let’s throw the bums out!” They laughed and said “Absolutely!” YOUNG VOTERS WERE ALSO VERY RECEPTIVE! Don’t forget, Ohio is suffering from a massive scandal in the state legislature. $60 Million taken by Republican legislators to pass a giant electric company bailout. 5 high ranking Republicans indicted, two have now accepted guilty plea bargains.

Ohio is barely considered a swing state anymore, after Trump won by 8% in 2016. But Ohio has polled just last week as in a dead heat. I’m predicting OHIO GOES BLUE, but I’m concerned about the huge split we have between urban and rural voters. If we go blue, Trump will turn from orange to blue because he will be done!

So it finally slowed down in Grove City at about 8:30 and so I left for home and breakfast. I decided to stop at my regular polling place in my neighborhood, only to find it still hopping. I parked in the grass, lot full, and I passed out my lit there for 40 minutes until things slowed.

I was determined to go back out at lunch, 11 am. I did so only to find a new Dem volunteer at the Grove City spot and one also at my old polling place in my neighborhood. Things were well under control and decent turnout again at both. Optimistic because of AN ABUNDANCE OF DEMOCRATIC VOLUNTEERS. I drove down the street to a different but nearby site and passed out lit there for an hour.

Determined to go out once more to catch the after-work voters, I just couldn’t do it. My legs were exhausted, even after a nap. I’m writing this blog instead, stretched out on the couch in the sun. Optimistic because it is A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN OHIO, SUNNY AND 60 DEGREES!

Optimistic also because I have picked up a little hint in conversations of some Republicans or Independents who voted Trump in ‘16, but WHO CANNOT STOMACH THE SAME VOTE AGAIN, then I watched “60 Minutes” on Sunday and they did a story on it; I hope a real trend. Also, NO BIG LATE-BREAKING UNDECIDED SWING FOR TRUMP THIS TIME! People made up there minds on this Long Ago.


( Wednesday at noon, up-dating the Up Date——Well, SORRY TO SAY, my prediction on Ohio was way off! Trump won again by about 8% of vote. Huge difference again between the metro areas —-where I was— and the rural areas! Ohio map is all Red except for the big city counties of Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo and Akron. All other counties Red except for one county dominated by Ohio University—-Go Bobcats!

(But Biden May yet pull this off; STILL COUNTING MAILED IN VOTES in several crucial states!!)

2 thoughts on “Election Day Mid-Day Report: Feeling Hopeful in The O-H-I-O!

  1. Thinking of you all South if the Border. I know things are rough right now, but I have faith things will work out. Lots of passionate people like you doing hard work in the name of democracy. I believe in the will of the people over the will of individuals seeking power. You are a strong nation. We will get through these times. I am curious as an outsider: do you have third and fourth viable parties and candidates?


    1. Thanks for your kind words, Mike. My prediction for Ohio was wrong. Our metro areas are far too different than our rural voters. Plus, this whole Trump The Huge Personality Thing has really skewed our politics!!!!

      We do not have viable third parties. I used to think we needed that, but not so sure now. Three, four decades ago, our two parties Both had Moderate and Conservative wings. Dems still have this and even, now, a Social Democratic wing. But Republicans have swung to the Right and then to this Dangerous Trump Cult.
      Thanks Mike

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