The Meaning of Life: Make’n it Fun and Easy, here at “The Connection!”

After numerous readings, Whitehead’s book fell apart decades ago.

Is trying to understand “THE MEANING OF LIFE” getting a little tedious?  In these times of Virus and Trump, that is especially true.

Introducing: the Nature Religion Connection “Readers Digest Version!”  The best of the insights and jocularity of previous posts, served up in scrumptious bite-sized portions.  I have not busted my ass all these decades reading this (good) crap — and thinking — just to make you, my readers, work so hard.  Life is too short to read the same book ten times, my own experience exempted.

(Nika nibbled its edges; it’s splitting up the middle, and coffee has been spilled on it several times.  Since my retirement from full time teaching, occasionally I have been subbing in a class when the teacher was insisting on “Close reading and annotation.”  I pull this book out of my bag and display it to the class.  Dumbfounded, shocked: that has been the general reaction.  “Why would anyone read a book that many times?”                PS. Darwin’s idea is “Dangerous” because it is so revolutionary, says Dennett.)

So, a new category of posts has been created, entitled: THE MEANING OF LIFE, in ten easy doses! I have been rereading some of the past posts and realized that I can now present various sections of them to make a particular point, and a point that is important.  I want to thank my readers for their patience.  Longer posts have been vital to me for clarifying my views, developing my ‘voice’ as a writer, and familiarizing myself with this electronic medium.  Now is the time to pan for the nuggets and directly display the gold!

Check out this Category of posts: THE MEANING OF LIFE, in ten easy doses!  How can you beat it?  Only ten doses!  Money back guarantee, if not fully satisfied!

(To anyone offended by my flip attitude, I apologize.  “Dose 1” should probably be, “Don’t take The Title of this category of posts too seriously! —if that was what you were doing.”  Especially in this time of great illness, joking about the meaning of life may not be funny. Sorry.  But “Dose 2” might well be “Work hard at things you love, and things that are important; in the end, plenty of fun will be had.”  NOTE, those two above doses are Not a good examples of the “doses” you will receive.  The real doses will attempt to ‘Go Deep, Baby, Go Deep!’  They will be brief and convincing presentations on How We, and the World, Work or Should Work!  At least, as best as I can see it.)

Your pal, GregWW



The Stories of Our Life: In Writing Them, We are like Creatures Happy to Dance on the Flames of a Campfire.                         Drawing by Marty

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