(The Satirical Video Version) The Meaning of Life, in twelve easy doses: Doses 7-9

Fractal Art: It’s Like Life: the same thing happening, over and over again, with some variation. (thanks to Electricsheep)

Dose 7: “The Double-Eye Poke” —Taking Care of Those Gods and Goddesses

“The Slapping Goddess“: Moe and Larry of The Stooges. (Sorry for the mask in the background. At least, these were “the old days.”)

Dose 8: Sometimes it is ‘the little differences’ that add meaning to Life. “God is in the detail”

Life is just about “Chew’n the Fat”, occasionally. After the super serious dialogue of Dose 6, Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson just share some experiences. Pulp Fiction by Quinton T. “Le Big Mac” “G is in the D” was said by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, among others.

Dose 9: “Damn,we’re in a tight spot.”

Life can sure be full of “Tight Spots”, and nothing like them to supply an instantaneous dose of meaning. Here, the Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? crew is definitely jammed up. Cohen brothers as writers and directors. Actors George Clooney and John Turturro.

Well, we’ve finished off another serving of three. Let’s see, so far we have as The Meaning of Life:

Getting yourself into some altered “Zone”, a Flying Circus, and “moydering the King’s English;

Romance, Dancing and Sticking Up for Your Brother;

now we have added “The Slapping Goddess”, “Le Big Mac, and “tight spots”.

Damn, we’ve just about covered it all! But what’s left for “The Final Three Doses?” Stay tune: Same time, Same place, SAME BAT CHANNEL!

See ya soon, for The Final 3 Doses!

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