(The Satirical Video Version) The Meaning of Life, in a dozen easy doses: The Grand Finale, Doses 10-12

and Karl Malden, as The Priest. On The Waterfront

Dose 10: Well, as hard as you try, still It May All Come to “NOTHING. I guess we may just have to face ‘the facts’.

You know what The Scientist’s say, The Universe has No Meaning; Meaning, that’s all just subjectivist drivel and emotionalism.

The Fugs

BUT, IT HELPS TO SING ABOUT IT: The infamous Fugs. 1964 New York City band composed of poets Ed Sanders and Tuli Kupferberg, with Ken Weaver on drums.

And still, WE KEEP TRYING!!!

Dose 11: Sometimes, Life is Just Not What It Seems, and then we complain about it.

Monty Python at it again. Michael Palin and John Cleese. I’ve got no issue with cross dressing, but you must admit, its life not being what it seems! Python crew loved it.

And THE FINALE, Dose 12: Rising to an occasion; COURAGE really helps Make Life Meaningful!

The ex-boxer and now dockworker, Terry (Marlon Brando), is badly beaten up by the Mobster Union Thugs, but with the help of Karl Malden, as the Priest, rises from “the canvas” and leads the longshoremen back to work and to the reform their union so badly needed, in On The Waterfront (1954). Greatest American Movie of All Time! Elia Kazan director. Lee J. Cobb as the mob boss; Eva Marie Saint as the conscious-driven, shy, young lady that gets to Marlon’s ‘soft spot’. Music by, YES, Leonard Bernstein!

“You’re a cheap, lousy, dirty-stink’n, mug.”

TWO PARTER! “LET’S GO TO WORK!” (I can’t watch it without tearing up)


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