Welcome Asia!

(The Flags of The Philippines, China and Japan. See below for the symbolism of each. Here at NatieRel, we believe that symbols are as valid a Representation of Our World as are Atoms.)

I am happy to report to my readers that the Nature Religion Connection has been getting some persistent interest lately from our Asian sisters and brothers. Welcome new readers! Please comment, if you are inclined at all; I would love to hear your thoughts, reactions or questions concerning particular posts.

These are difficult times all over. Times when we, as a Planet, need to pull together around our massive mutual interest and move forward together! Here at the naturereligionconnection.org, we believe that All Cultures are of Great Value and each is a rich source of Information about what it is to be a Human Person.

Asian oriented map of the world.


Philippine: The eight rays of the sun stand for its eight provinces. The three stars represent the country’s three main island groups. The triangle stands for liberty, equality and fraternity. The flag is flipped over so that the red bar is at top when the country is at War!

China: The red represents The Revolution. The five stars stand for the unity of the Chinese people with the leadership of the Communist Party. This flag was first hoisted over Tiananmen Square in 1949 to announce the formation of a new Chinese nation.

Japan: This symbol is known as the “circle of the sun”. Its origin is in the saying of the Japanese people concerning their own country, “the land of the rising sun.” In Japanese mythology the House of the Emperor is said to be of direct descent from the the Shinto sun goddess.

As I write this I am becoming acutely aware of the historic rivalries and grave events that have transpired between these three nations. May our modern times and our new enlightenment bring acceptance, responsibility, atonement and forgiveness. May we work together with deep respect to solve our vast world issues and live up to our role as citizens of This One Planet.



Thank you new readers and old!

(Drawing by Marty)

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