Wow, great day at “The Connection!”

Sorry, in this time of woe, to seem happy.  I apologize, BUT STILL!  On Sunday,  21 visitors checked into and viewed 52 posts.  That is a new single day high.  And yes, I am feeling a little buzz from it!   That may seem modest –those numbers, but remember, Modesty is a Virtue!.. (?). and … All good things start somewhere!… Every journey starts with a … “Glory lies in the attempt to reach one’s goal and not in reaching it” (The Mahatma)…You must learn to walk before you run…etc…

Mayan depiction of the Cosmos.  How about this “Connection”?

Also, cool is we had recent views from Morocco, France and Thailand This is a “Connection!”  “We are all in this together”, as we are now saying here in Ohio, though in reference to The Virus!   And we truly are, in many ways!

Mike Luckovich, 2/22/20    (Great Work, as usual!)

So, expect a few more post in coming days; I have Time (an emergent property!) on my hands!  Rock on, Readers, and avoid that Virus!!!!  


             Trying to Stay Nimble, at            The Nature Religion Connection!     Drawing by Marty


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