Easter Joke!

It’s Easter Sunday morning and did you hear?  “He has risen!”  And how about this one?  Maybe you haven’t heard it.

Three guys die and its Easter. They are all atheists and good people, humanist types.
Much to their surprise they find themselves standing at the Pearly Gates with St. Peter, who says to them,
“I would really like to get you guys in here. You’ve lived good lives, been kind to people…
but to get you in you need to know something about Jesus, and since its Easter tell me about that.”
He turns to the first guy who says, “I got nuttin’.” Peter turns and presses a button, “Eehhnntt”, down he goes!
Pete turns to the second guy and says, “Come on, I’d really like to get you in!  Easter and Jesus!”
The guy looks puzzled and says, “Uhhhhh, chocolate rabbits, colored eggs, uhhhh…”
“Eehhnntt,” down he goes!
The third guy says, “Wait a minute, I think I got this. Jesus was this guy who lived back with the Romans and he went around trying to do good things, miracles and stuff, and he attracted a following but got in trouble with the authorities who put him to death around Easter time.”
St. Pete, excitedly, “Yes, yes, tell me more!
“Well, his followers,” the guy says proudly, “took Jesus’ body and placed it in a cave, a big hole and rolled a rock in front of it, and in a couple of days Jesus wakes up and comes out of his hole,. And then …. how does it go? If he sees his shadow, its….”
“Eeehhhnnnttt !”

                         “Resurrection” by Rembrandt                     Ya gotta love those angel-babies, my grandmother sure              did!  Thanks to CATHOLICvirol for the image.

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